Morash Institute of Welding and Safety OSHA

Cape Cod Campus

Subjects Taught at MIWS are as follows

Hot Works

Hot Works permit classes through Morash Institute of Welding and Safety

you can get and take the 2 hour course and get your hot work permit. Have you or your company make an appointment through Morash Institute, call 774-994-1248. It's the Law as of July 1, 2018. Any one who creates sparks, flame or heat needs a hot works permit. Plumbers, welders, electricians, machinists and carpenters all need Hot Work permits.

Level I

OSHA 10 hour 1926 Construction Industry course

12 hours of OSHA requirements set up by the department of Labor. This can be set up in 2, 6-hour classes of 3, 4hour classes. Students will learn the focus 4 hazards of construction industry as well as a few electives picked out by the staff. Students will receive the 10 hour certification card with completion of course.

OSHA 30 hour 1926 Construction industry Advanced course

Prerequisite OSHA 10 hour

a full 30 plus hours of CFR 1926 construction. Including live demos on welding and cutting safety as well as power points with the latest OSHA industry updates and videos on PPE etc. Students will receive the 30 hour certification card from Dept of Labor with completion of course.

Welding and Cutting Fundamentals 101 (WCF 101)

40 Lab and classroom Contact hours. This is the introduction to the basic of welding and safety! This is the language of welding. The student learns to have an intelligent conversation about welding. They learn the differences between GTAW, GMAW, SMAW, FCAW, OFW and OFC. They learn about the basic wires for GTAW and GMAW. The Rods for SMAW and the gases used in different processes. How to set up for the different metals both ferrous and nonferrous.

Intro to AWS Welding Symbols and Positions WSP 101

20 hour classroom lab on fillet and groove welding symbols. Also included basic welding positions. 1G to 6G and 1F to 4F

WLD.GTAW.Alum 101-G1/F1

Prerequisite WCF-101

36 Contact hours in shop/lab on machines welding aluminum
This course is an in-depth GTAW TIG welding class on how to set up machine, grind tungsten, identifies proper wires and base metals IE: nonferrous aluminum and the differences between 5053 and 6061 series base metals and the use of 5356 and 4043 wires for welding.

WLD.GTAW.Steel .101-G1/F1

Prerequisite WCF 101

36 Contact hours in shop/lab on machines welding GTAW Steel.
This course introduces the student to manipulate the melted steel rod to make a weld in the G 1 or flat position as well as the F 1 fillet Students will be introduced to ER 70s-2 wires of various diameters and practice padding by making 1-inch plates and t-joints.

WLD.GTAW. Stainless Steel.101-G1/F1

Prerequisite WCF 101

36 Contact hours in shop/lab using GTAW Machines set up to weld Stainless steel. Students will use both water cooled and air cooled GTAW torches and learn about all of the components that are on a GTAW machine.IE, Foot pedal tourch Argon regulator and more! They will use multiple diameter’s of stainless wires. Learn about controlling your heat and looking for discoloration in heat effected zone.

WLD SMAW 101.G1/F1-6011

Prerequisite WCF 101

36 Contact hours in SMAW Shielded Metal Arc Welding aka stick or arc welding! There are several basic stick rods that are common in industry. At Morash Institute we prefer to separate the rod class. This way you can get the hands-on training you need to feel the differences not only in the rods. Like 6011 or 7018But also in the positions. Each position is a designated class. Such as Flat G! or Vertical G3 etc. AWS D1.1 Structural Code is what we start out training at.

WLD SMAW 101.G1/F1-7018

Prerequisite WCF 101

36 Contact hours SMAW 7018 Structural steel rod runs totally different than 6011. In this class we focus on running beads and padding up heavy plates in both the flat and fillet or T joint positions. AWS Structural Code D1.1 is what we train on at this stage of training.

WLD GMAW 101.G1/F1-ER 70s-6

Prerequisite WCF 101

36 hour of Mig 101. Gas Metal Arc Welding or MIG welding class.
Learn the GMAW process on both AWS D9.1 Sheetmetal codes and AWS Structural code.

Level II

3D blueprint training 39 contact hours in lab

Prerequisite Intro to AWS welding symbols and positions

Old school style blue print training, we build projects from paper to full 3 D dimensions. If the student can build a project from paper, they can have a fuller understanding and a better skill level on fabricating. Look at our 3D projects page for ideas and samples.

Metal Finishing Course 102

Prerequisite Welding Fundamentals 101

Using, hand held grinders, sanders, vibraters both electrical and pneumatic and bumble bees to finish, polish or grind flush to improve the projects per blueprint and industry standards.

Welding and Cutting fundamentals 102

Prerequisite Welding Fundamentals 101

40 hours of Advancing on all the topics of W&CF101 we study the advanced hands on ways of improving our GTAW, SMAW, GMAW, OFW, OFC, Plasma Cutting and finishing techniques in both the lab and the classroom. We also introduce some of the high-tech CNC and laser ways of welding.

Welding GTAW Alum 102-G2/G3/F3

Prerequisite GTAW alum 101

39 Contact hours of advanced aluminum techniques, anailing and welding of heavy aluminum
In 2G horizontal, 3G vertical and introducing 4G overhead welding positions.

Welding GTAW Steel 102 2G/3G/F3

Prerequisite GTAW Steel 101

horizontal and vertical welding. This is time needed to horn their skills and move up in the trades. 39 Contact hours of GTAW steel welding in 2G horizontal and 3G Vertical positions with and without backing bars. The 102 Courses are designed to keep the welder in the booth practicing.

Welding GTAW Stainless Steel 102 2G/3G/F3

Prerequisite GTAW Stainless 101

39 Contact hours of hands on Stainless tig welding on both light and heavy gauge weldments.
Learn the secrets of developing a perfect bead in both fusing of light metal and manipulating the heavy stainless plate.

Welding GMAW 102 ER 70S-6 and Stainless 304 MIG welding

Prerequisite GMAW 101

Advanced GMAW welding with Both ER 70 S-6 steel wire and Stainless Steel 304/308 wire
Multiple diameters from .023 to .060. for both light sheet metal and structural MIG welding.

SMAW 102 6011

Prerequisite SMAW 101 / 6011

39 Contact hours in booth focusing on vertical welding 3G

SMAW 102 7018

Prerequisite SMAW 101 / 7018

39 Contact Hours in booth focusing on vertical 3G.

SMAW Stainless Steel 304

Prerequisite SMAW Stainless steel 101

39 Contact Hours focusing on Vertical welding 3G.


Students pay for all materials for their projects.