Morash Institute of Welding and Safety OSHA

Cape Cod Campus

Board of Directors Listing

Bruce Duquet M.S.
Safety Director / OSHA Trainer
Occ. Ed. MAVA
BA. Curry College
M. S. Mass Maritime (Facility’s Management)
MAVA Leadership Academy Graduate 2015
NFPA Hotworks Safety Certified
Denise Barlow M.ED.
Computer Science Engineer
Sophia Segatorie M.S.
Quality Assurance / Safety Management
B.S. Facilities Engineering - Massachusetts Maritime Academy
M.S. Facilities Management - Massachusetts Maritime Academy
OSHA 1910 & 1926 Certified
4 years in Welding & Metal Fabrication
2 years as a safety specialist in the construction industry
SkillsUSA State Medalist
Current General Contractor Assistant Project Manager
Joshua A. Hall
Certified HVAC mechanic Local 17 Sheetmetal worker
OSHA Certified 10 and 30-Hour Construction/General Industry
NFPA Hot Works Safety Certified
GMAW-1F-2F/1G Steel D1.1
GMAW-4G Galv. Steel D9.1
SMAW-1G Steel D1.1 (7018)
GTAW-1F-2F/1G-2G Steel D9.1
GTAW-1F-2F/1G-2G Steel D1.1
GTAW-1F-2F/1G-3G Stainless D1.6
GTAW-1F-2F/1G-2G-3G Stainless D1.9
GTAW-1F-2F-3F/1G-2G-3G Aluminum D9.1
GTAW-1F-2F-3F/1G-2G-3G Aluminum D1.2
Julia Murphy
Local 7 Ironworkers
Local 56 Pile Drivers
Hollis Marek
Web Developer

Grounds Management Team

William E. Connors
Security Team Leader and Grounds Management
OSHA 10 & OSHA 30 1926 Certified
NFPA Hotworks Safety Certified